SRS Document Template – Interface Requirements

This section describes how the software interfaces with other software products or users for input or output. Examples of such interfaces include library routines, token streams, shared memory, data streams, and so forth.

4.1 User Interfaces Describes how this product interfaces with the user.

4.1.1 GUI Describes the graphical user interface if present. This section should include a set of screen dumps or mockups to illustrate user interface features. If the system is menu-driven, a description of all menus and their components should be provided.

4.1.2 CLI Describes the command-line interface if present. For each command, a description of all arguments and example values and invocations should be provided.

4.1.3 API Describes the application programming interface, if present. For each public interface function, the name, arguments, return values, examples of invocation, and interactions with other functions should be provided.

4.1.4 Diagnostics or ROM Describes how to obtain debugging information or other diagnostic data.

4.2 Hardware Interfaces Describes interfaces to hardware devices.

4.3 Communications Interfaces Describes network interfaces.

4.4 Software Interfaces Describes any remaining software interfaces not included above.

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